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Ordained Chaplain

Pastoral Psychotherapist, Spiritual Advisor, Soul Friend


Meet Rev. Dr. Lily Godsoe

Spiritual Advisor and Pastoral Psychotherapist

As an Interfaith Minister, I offer symbolic rituals and ceremonies to honor important life passages.  As a Board Certified Clinical Chaplain, I offer compassionate companionship and whole person spiritual care during times of crisis...

How does it work?

I can help with

Officiating your Wedding

Navigating Transitions

Psychospiritual Health and Healing

Coping with Pet Loss

I am a clinically trained practitioner dedicated to spiritual service in the world.   I see people as "whole persons" each with their own unique physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.   My training and life experience has prepared me to meet you wherever you are on your journey and faciliate a process of healing and transformation for you and your loved ones.  


I feel so fortunate to have had someone so special as Lily on such an important day. She has a very light, natural and spiritual quality about her. Even my family members would remark about how wonderful Lily was, as a person and as a minister... Lily made the whole ceremony feel effortless, so my husband and I could focus solely on the joining together of our lives. She's professional, but she is also warm and caring. I felt she was truly happy for us! She was the perfect person for the job! I tell everyone my favorite part of my wedding was the ceremony! It was magical, it was spiritual, and I owe it all to Lily!

— Jennifer Sugg

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